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Thierry Bamas - Biarritz – Francia

Thierry Bamas Pâtisserier Chocolatier, Biarritz (France), is one of the three establishments of renowned French pastry chef Thierry Bamas. His passion for patisserie, flavours and his own tastes are manifested in his pastries, ranging from the most original to the most classic. MoMa architecture et design (Lyon), has been able to reflect this in its design using the solid surface from PORCELANOSA Group, KRION, in its COLORS+ Series 6301 FRUIT variation.

For the renovation of the premises, MoMa architecture designed a space where trapezoidal volumes elevate pastries to the level of jewellery, in an establishment where Swiss company Jeka AG (with over 60 years of experience in refrigeration systems for restaurants) has transformed KRION based on the criteria of the architecture studio.       

For KRION, it was very appealing to use the 6301 FRUIT colour in this project. The COLORS+ Series is characterised by its discreet elegance and timeless sophistication, bringing great personality to spaces, encompassing these aspects at Thierry Bamas Pâtisserier Chocolatier.

6301 FRUIT retains all properties of the material, as with all KRION colours, each with its own characteristics. However, it is in ultraviolet resistance that it has the best score – the highest on the market – obtaining a colour modification of less than 5AE in 10 years, the same score as our most versatile colour, KRION 1100 Snow White.


CRUDITO Restaurant - Madrid - España

Situado en el barrio de La Latina, Madrid, España, Crudito se presenta como un lugar de encuentro para paladares  inquietos con ganas de degustar sabores del mundo; una cocina sin límites puesta en marcha por  Emil Samper (MasterChef2) y su equipo. El concepto de Crudito, nace de la pasión de Emil por descubrir nuevos sabores, de  la investigación y el contacto con el mundo y su gastronomía. Restaurante Crudito, su nombre ya es toda una declaración de intenciones.

Una de las prioridades principales en la filosofía Crudito, es la máxima honestidad, está la podemos certificar, si extrapolamos la minuciosidad con que se ha llevado a cabo la barra realizada con el solid surface del Grupo PORCELANOSA, KRION. La empresa transformadora de KRION, Muebles Maderama, han sido los encargados de realizar la encimera, que se encuentra en el corazón del restaurante Crudito, la sala White Dragón. Una mesa negra (realizada con KRION® 6901 Black Metal) en la que encontramos un bajo relieve rellenado con un material dorado envejecido, en forma de patrón geométrico, que desde lo abstracto remite a las escamas de los peces para transformarse sucesivamente en hojas de ginkgo biloba, y por último desvanecerse en el aire como dientes de león.

El diseñador de Crudito, Enrique Barrera, fundador del estudio In Design We Trust, nos habla del chef Emil como si de un mago se tratase, un mago de la palabra, de la imagen, y principalmente de su cocina. Sobre su diseño para Crudito nos cuenta… “su restaurante debía ser también un lugar mágico. La casa de un mago, un laboratorio, donde la atmósfera anuncie y contribuya a la experiencia sensorial de su cocina”, algo que con la ayuda de Emil, ha logrado sobrepasando todas las expectativas.


Quique Dacosta “Studio de Creatividad

The kitchen by Quique Dacosta is characterised by combining creativity and gastronomy, and since last year, at his restaurant the “Studio de Creatividad” (Creativity Studio) experience can be enjoyed, created with the aim of combining signature cuisine and the discovery of new flavours. It is a laboratory within the kitchen itself, where the chef maintains contact with visitors, who can enjoy the culinary art of 3 Michelin star chef Quique Dacosta.

The Studio de Creatividad arises from the “Dacosta landscapes” concept of gastronomy, through which the chef expands his area of action to tables, ceilings and walls. The idea is to combine objects until the borders between space, function and decoration are eliminated. This is where Porcelanosa Kitchens (Gamadecor) appears, taking on the challenge from Quique Dacosta, creating the kitchen designed by the chef.

Within the Creative Studio, the central island is notable, with a monolithic form created with KRION® 6901 Black Metal. One of its sides is equipped with a cooking area that allows dishes to be prepared in front of diners. The columns and walls are created with KRION® 1100 Snow White, decorated with milled low relief forms on the material. The spectacular ceiling is also created with the Solid Surface from PORCELANOSA Group, through a system of strips made with KRION®, like the kitchen bench which also incorporates this material.

Thanks to the collaboration between Quique Dacosta and PORCELANOSA Kitchens, KRION® has become a point of connection, providing continuity and an impressive effect of fluidity, in an environment which allows the innovations from the creative mind of the Chef.


Fabori - Madrid - España

Grupo Faborit has 18 establishments in Spain dedicated to coffee, tea, chocolate, and fruit and vegetable juices, along with healthy food (freshly prepared salads and sandwiches) under the premise of using 100% fresh and natural products, in a pleasant atmosphere with a modern design, providing wellbeing to clients. This is where PORCELANOSA Group plays a role with its compact mineral KRION®, an ecological material that can be recycled 100%, and which is easy to clean, highly resistant to chemical attack, durable, and has an additive-free antibacterial property. It is a perfect combination between the care and attention that Faborit restaurants take with their ingredients, and the social responsibility of the solid surface KRION®. 

In one of its latest openings, Faborit Alcobendas, in Calle Anabel Segura number 10, we can find KRION® in the different bars which run through the interior of the establishment in our 0101 White Nature colour. This provides increased warmth, which along with turquoise blue, the hydraulic mosaic and the brick covering, create an ideal atmosphere at any time of day. 

KRION® transformed by: Encidecor, S.L.


Bodegas Arzuaga Navarro - Valladolid - España

At times, a simile has been used, in which a sheet of KRION is the roll of fabric, the architect or planners…, they are the fashion designer, and the processor is the sewing room. On this occasion the designer Amaya Arzuaga, has combined the trades, “tailoring” the Bodegas Arzuaga Navarro sampling table with the PORCELANOSA GroupSolid Surface, KRION®. 

In Quintanilla de Onésimo, the epicentre of the Ribera del Duero denomination of origin, you can find the wine cellars, spa and restaurant belonging to the Arzuaga Navarro family, a complex that has learnt to grow and adapt to the times since the early nineties, contributing to the success of the constant reforms and improvements of its facilities, and for the latter they have counted on the  PORCELANOSA Group. 

As Amaya Arzuagaherself told us, “As you pass through the winery an interactive floor shows you the transition from the more traditional part to the more contemporary… the sampling table in the new room was also designed by myself and PORCELANOSA gave it form… it’s a table made with KRION® (1100 Snow White) which dominates the room and whose colour allows you to perfectly appreciate the tones of the wines…”. 

KRION® transformed by: Artesania del Vidrio ARVID


Restaurante Casa Manolo - Daimus - Valencia - España

Obtaining a Michelin Star and two Repsol Sols involves great responsibility; and once obtained, maintaining them is due to great effort and the constant search for update. Aware of this requirement, Manuel Alonso, owner of the Casa Manolo restaurant in Daimús, Valencia, does not only work to improve and innovate in his passion for catering; he is also aware that a pleasant environment helps to improve the experience. With this desire for improvement in pursuit of excellence, KRION, the Solid Surface from PORCELANOSA Group appears in the recent opening of the restaurant’s new bathrooms.

We can find KRION in the colour 1100 Snow White, transformed into an almost sculptural piece for use as a washbasin. Straight lines, slants, the combination with natural wood and the play of black and white colours with decorative items make this room a comfortable place on par with the spectacular cuisine presented by Manuel Alonso, who has a Michelin Star and two Repsol Sols, at his restaurant Casa Manolo.

KRION transformed by: Fustería Mira

Photos: Lope Matias

Fotos: Lope Matias


La Lonja del Mar - Madrid - España

The gastronomic experience of “La Lonja del Mar” uses KRION® in its journey

Located in one of the most emblematic areas of Madrid, Plaza de Oriente number 6, facing the Royal Palace and right beside the Royal Theatre, we can enjoy a gastronomic experience that passes through three different times and spaces: “La Lonja del Mar”.

Each step of this journey has its own personality: “La Mar” is fun and fresh (rice dishes and tapas), “Raw Bar” is elegant and Cosmopolitan (Mediterranean sushi), and “La Lonja” is transcendent and emotional (cuisine and knowledge). In each step, the range of gastronomy is different, but all have a common factor: excellence in raw materials.

As they tell us, “Raw Bar is the living expression of la Dolce Vita, the good live, and being swept away by it”. Speaking of being swept away, here the Solid Surface of PORCELANOSA Group, KRION®, fits in perfectly, as our material allows designs to flow and create organic shapes and curves, thanks to its thermocurving property and imperceptible joins. Along with being anti-bacterial without additives, this makes KRION® the ideal material for the hospitality sector.

We would like to take the opportunity to recommend this journey, which begins on the shore – La Mar–travelling along the coast – Raw Bar–and proceeding onto the open sea – La Lonja.


Lata Tapa - Madrid -España

KRION® at Lata Tapa, a gastro-bar that elevates the world of preserves

In a large city like Madrid, there are gastronomic establishments with specialities of all kinds. Just when we thought that nothing could surprise us, at Calle Montera 32, we found a breath of fresh air: Lata Tapa, a new way of seeing gastronomy, paying homage to the world of canned foods, where KRION® plays an active role in the different spaces of the establishment.

Lata Tapa is a gastro-bar dedicated to presenting, with ideal pairings, canned foods that can be classified as gourmet due to the quality of their ingredients. Not just any tinned food has a place on the menu we are offered; only the selection of the highest quality products are chosen to delight us and elevate quality canned foods (razor clams, mussels, cockles, scallops, octopus, cuttlefish, etc.) to their deserved place in gastronomy.

We can find the solid Surface from PORCELANOSA Group, KRION® in its 0501 Dune Nature colour (belonging to the Nature series, created with a percentage of recycled material) both in the bar and on the wall with squares holding the canned foods, through machining and insertion of our translucent 4102 Extreme Light colour.


La cabaña de Soto - Soto del Real - Madrid - España

La Cabaña, a restaurant where cuisine and KRION® are the stars

Located at the heart of the Sierra de Guadarrama, Soto del Real, just 35km from the capital of Spain, a traditional restaurant is found: La Cabaña, specialised in grilled meat, fish and vegetables, cooked while diners watch. Its unique care for ingredients and giving cooking the historical importance that it deserves have made this establishment a gastronomic point of reference in the community of Madrid.

La Cabaña has used the compact mineral from PORCELANOSA Group, KRION®, in its bar, bottle racks, shelves (with the restaurant logo in a backlit milled low relief), ham holder, and in the frames of the doors to the bathrooms. The KRION® colour selected byArco Rusticon Constructora (the designers and builders of the project) and the owners was the versatile 1100 Snow White, a colour which encompasses all the properties of the material with excellent results in restaurants. We can also find the timeless hydraulic mosaic from PORCELANOSA throughout the establishment.

If you wish to have a great experience of gastronomy in an unbeatable place, visit La Cabaña.

KRION® transformed by: Decotosa


Helados el Malagueño - Zahara de los Atunes - Cadiz - España

El Malagueño, more than just an ice cream parlour, created by Velvet Projects with KRION®

If art reigns supreme anywhere in Spain, it is without a doubt in Cádiz. It is the home to singers, guitarists, poets and any kind of artistic genius, felt in the province of Cádiz merely by walking through its streets. Today we visit Zahara de los Atunes, 60km from the capital, Cádiz, and very near to the spectacular beaches of Bolonia-Tarifa, where the “El Malagueño” ice cream parlour is found. This establishment is proof that the genius of Cádiz can dazzle us in any of its areas, and was created by Velvet Projects.

The Velvet Projects studio has been in charge of the refreshing design of the “El Malagueño” ice cream parlour, where they have achieved a hypnotic magnetism which invites us to take a break on our way and refresh ourselves with their speciality, traditional ice creams.

PORCELANOSA Group has participated in this elegant Project with the compact mineral KRION®, and the porcelain of Urbatek on its floor and walls. We can find KRION® on the bar and counterbar in its 1100 Snow White colour, and in the 4102 Extreme Light colour on the translucent side. KRION® is ideal for this type of facility, not only for its appearance and possibilities, as it has intrinsic properties such as easy cleaning, being reparable, having unnoticeable joins, being antibacterial (without additives), having low thermal conductivity, and a long list of other features which make it a material to consider for any kind of project.

KRION® transformed by: Domingo Gomez Anillo “Carpinteria la Viruta” 

Images: Mesa 12


Otto - Madrid - España

En paseo de la Castellana 8, uno de las zonas más emblemáticas de la capital española, se encuentraOTTO Madrid, el lugar de moda de la ciudad, que no es solo un restaurante de productos locales y frescos en el que se busca mantener las raíces mediterráneas, también nos encontramos con la glamurosa zona lounge, la maravillosa terraza chic, que son perfectas para pasar el afterwork, conocer gente, tomar una copa y escuchar buena música.

Podemos encontrar el compacto mineral del Grupo PORCELANOSA, KRION®, en varias de las estancias del local. En la zona lounge, la barra curva con círculos fresados bajo relieve y retroiluminada, es una de las piezas más significativas del diseño vanguardista realizado por el reconocido arquitecto e interiorista Tomás Alía  para OTTO Madrid. Las encimeras de los baños están a la altura del resto del proyecto, son piezas de diseño exclusivo realizadas con KRION® que nos muestran el gusto por los pequeños detalles, que hacen de este OTTO Madrid un lugar que hay que visitar.



Infinito - Ciesse

Los diseños de “Infinito“ Quadrilatero y Tegusto, han sido los elegidos para ser realizados con KRION®. Las posibilidades que nuestro Solid Surface 1100 Snow White, son perfectas por su personalización,  su característica antibacterias sin aditivos, su durabilidad y su fácil limpieza, haciendo de KRION®  un producto idóneo para el sector de la restauración.


Elliots – Prestwick – Escocia

Podemos encontrar KRION® en las distintas barras del local, en los lavabos de  los cuartos de baño, y como mobiliario singular, las mesa de centro realizada con KRION® SNOW WHITE 1100 en la cual hay insertada una cubitera, con una tapa también de KRION®.

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