The new “Infinito“ collection for decorating the table, created with KRION®


When two arts are combined, with the sole purpose of delighting individuals who interact with them, the result is always unique. In this case the aesthetics of the designs of the Italian Infinito company are combined with the culinary art of Stefano Ciotti, and the compact mineral from PORCELANOSA Group, KRION®, as a connection.  

The Quadrilatero and TeGusto designs by Infinito have been chosen to be created with KRION®. The possibilities offered by our 1100 Snow White Solid Surface are perfect for personalisation, and its additive-free antibacterial qualities, durability and easy cleaning make KRION®  an ideal product for the restaurant sector.

Italy has always been the home of great designers, andInfinito chose designerCristina Zanni to design the TeGusto range.