PositrónMed and Prado Tuset Arquitectos: the first KRION® facade in Chile

PositrónMed and Prado Tuset Arquitectos: the first KRION® facade in Chile - Solid Surface


The Prado Tuset Arquitectos studio has been in charge of making this eye-catching project a reality. Designed as a home and used until now as a restaurant, the studio was responsible for converting it into a cancer research clinic.

The PositrónMed clinic, located in the Metropolitan region of Santiago (Chile), is specialised in the early prevention of tumours, and operated by the renowned Dr Horacio Amaral. The building has two floors on which the solid surface from PORCELANOSA Group, KRION®, is especially important in its spectacular facade created by William Denham of Diametro, a KRION® transformation company in Santiago.

We can find KRION® PORCELANOSA Solid Surface in most of the cubicles of the clinic, in the reception, countertops, procedure rooms, work coverings and in the laborious work of its facade, the first in Chile made with KRION®. The facade has two faces with a curved area, and uses the Snow White 1100 colour, and a strip of KRION® Extreme Light 4102, the star colour of our translucent range, which we can illuminate at night.

The property of unnoticeable joins makes the facade seem like a single monolithic piece and offers the complex increased neatness and brightness, which both the Prado Tuset Arquitectos studio and the PositrónMed clinic considered fundamental from the outset.