News KRION®: TERRAZZOS Series - Solid Surface


The TERRAZZOS series is a new collection by KRIONPORCELANOSA Solid Surface that commemorates the mid 15th century emerging trend in Venice for leftover pieces of marble to be re-used to make a cement-bonded composite that would become known as terrazzo, the building material emulated by this series.

It is similar to original terrazzo tiles in its design, re-used content, the depth of its pattern, and its composition, since this is also a through-body material and hence its surface can be renewed if necessary.   Compared with original terrazzo tiles, its key advantage lies in the fact that it boasts all the fundamental characteristics of KRION™, such as a high bending strength (with a high resistance to impacts), zero porosity, 12 mm thickness rather than terrazzo’s 20 mm, the possibility of seamless joins and the ease with which it can be fabricated.

The main goal in the development of this new series was to ensure a carefully refined end appearance that blends in easily with other in-vogue materials, metals or woods. Emphasis was also placed on the re-use of materials from its own production cycle.


- Bianco Classico (T101): Big black particles on a white background full of different shreds with white tones, transparent and marble effect.

- Marmo Bianco (T102): KRION®  Cream base with grey, brown and chips of golden glitter fragments.

- Grafite Classico (T901): On a matt black background emanate thousands of particles with different sizes and white and amber nuances.

- Pietra (T902): On a leaden grey base are scattered a large quantity of shingles with a marble look, highlighting the white marble shingles.

- Concrete (T903):  An agglomeration of translucid black and white particles lie on a grey cement background.

- Grigio Classico (T904): A greyish background full of prolific stones with different white and grey tones.