KRION¬ģ in a noteworthy loft in Philadelphia, USA

KRION¬ģ in a noteworthy loft in Philadelphia, USA - Solid Surface Countertops


PORCELANOSA Group has formed part of the renovation of this space into a spectacular single family home. Occasionally our hobbies become a starting point for something bigger, and in this case the owners of the home were in charge of designing the interior and selecting each of the details that we can find inside. Unrelated to the world of design, with only good ideas and the aim of converting their home into a comfortable, practical place to live in, this home is a clear demonstration that when care is applied to things, they turn out well.

We can find KRION®, the solid surface from PORCELANOSA Group, in the spectacular kitchen island, the bathroom countertops and shower trays, all in our star Snow White 1100 KRION® colour.

KRION® transformed by: MacLaren Fabricator, Inc.