COMPEIXALAIGUA designs with KRION® for EAE Business School

COMPEIXALAIGUA designs with KRION® for EAE Business School - Solid Surface


Madrid and Barcelona are the cities selected by EAE Business School, centres of higher education at an international level, for establishing its way of understanding higher education, in which the student is the centre of activity, considering the academic part of a programme and the enrichment of the student outside of the classroom to be integral. From the beginning, EAE has taken care in the quality of its facilities, in order to provide a suitable setting for students. This is where the compact mineral from PORCELANOSA Group, KRION®, appears, from the COMPEIXALAIGUA design studio and the transforming company Marmoles San Esteve.

COMPEIXALAIGUA DESIGNSTUDIO is a diverse team of young people which is committed to the design of both products and atmospheres, with ingenious, fresh and amazing results. KRION® now forms a small part of its story due to their designs for EAE Business School, on both its Madrid and Barcelona campuses.

The following images are of the centre in Calle Aragón, number 55, in Barcelona, where we can find KRION® in a 7 metre reception, in a single piece with unnoticeable joins.