“Transformer’s Corner” CANDIDO HERMIDA NUEVOS MATERIALES - Solid Surface


Grupo Cándido Hermida began its operations with a modest joinery workshop in 1984. Since then the company has expanded in various production areas to be able to offer the client comprehensive turnkey projects. It has the capacity to manufacture and carry out all kinds of project (currently with departments for Wood, Metal, Construction and Installation) from the initial stages until final installation anywhere in the world, having operated in over 70 countries and 500 cities. The latest merged company of this group is Cándido Hermida Nuevos Materiales, specialised in projects carried out with solid surfaces, mainly KRION®, worldwide. Its experience in the sector, along with the support and know-how of Cándido Hermida, has made it a point of reference in quality at a European level. It has facilities with top technology and a team that receives the best training to offer modern, innovative solutions. Cándido Hermida Nuevos Materiales considers being at the cutting edge in all phases and elements of the manufacturing process, and thus being able to offer robust, competitive projects to be essential, such as the example we are presenting, Al Noor Island in Sharjah, UAE.

All Noor Island is one of our most spatial works, created in collaboration with our German studio 3deluxe and using the solid surface from PORCELANOSA Group, KRION®, as the main material. “Noor Island” is the most complex Solid Surface project that we have carried out to date, due to its large dimensions, its complicated organic forms, and the forms of the plant motifs used. When undertaking it, we confronted various obstacles in combining each one of the pieces, as the manufacturing process obligated us to first prepare each piece forming part of this complex structure for subsequent thermoforming. Additionally, we also had to manufacture an impressive internal structure that helped us to carry the KRION® material in the required manner. We must also not forget that a project of such dimensions, constructed on the other side of the world, requires great cutting work for transport on sea containers. However, effort and dedication to this project allowed us to undertake it perfectly, as we also acquired a great deal of knowledge and experience which we now apply day to day.”