Premium designs for jewellery by José Marín made with Krion™

The Memory y René Lalique essence


The art of jewellery design goes far beyond the aesthetic of each piece. The personal taste and the skill of the designer, the personality of each jewel and the viability to make it become reality are all involved in the creation process.

A designer must have the expertise of shaping those much sought-after and small luxurious pieces which, surely, will be part of a story and that can even become a key piece in a romance, a good friendship or a family symbol.

Therefore, in a jewellery designer’s workshop, both ideas and materials flow, along with the business projection in relation to what one wants to actually give to a collection.

Talent, vision, knowledge and the tools which help to materialise each project are key pieces in achieving success in jewellery designs. A great idea means nothing if you do not find the means and necessary materials to make it happen. To obtain collections which make clients fall in love and are beneficial to the designer, material which offers infinite creation possibilities are needed at a cost appropriate to the business and with the quality which a special piece like a jewel requires.

In this sense, the Krion™ mineral compact becomes an excellent ally of creators who look for shaping unique pieces which transmit all the feelings which form a part of the creative process. The high degree of thermocurvability and the easy repair that Krion™ presents ensure the pieces are long-lasting, transmitting the experience and values of the designer.

Jewellery by José Marín

José Marín is a renowned Valencian goldsmith who is well-known because of the way he shapes jewellery with the very best available materials. José works with brass, anodised titanium, diamonds, palladium, silver and gold to give them the shape of original and unique jewels.

“Each and every one of my jewels is a unique story which unfolds in the very early sketches, where my creativity is given full rein.”

In his passion for the process of creating each designs, the jeweller looks for materials which let his imagination run wild by offering infinite possibilities. In one of his projects, Krion™ has been the leading material which has led to jewels which are inspired by Mediterranean contrasts and beauty with luxury finishes.

The Memory and René Lalique Essence are the jewels made with Krion™ which have bright colours and organic shapes, bringing about pieces with a strong expressive force.

The ability of thermoforming to the smallest detail which the solid surface has, together with the possibility of repairing given by its full through-body property, have led to creative pieces which speak for themselves. José Marín goes on to say:

I am passionate about creating pieces for unique and confident women, exclusive jewels which enhance their beauty and their very own elegance.”

The union of Krion™ with titanium, steel and silver makes each jewel a premium element which combines colours and textures with infinite possibilities.

Creativity and quality for a collection which looks to being distinguished both in aesthetic and quality.