KRION takes part in the biggest project for AUTIS: its own facilities

KRION takes part in the biggest project for AUTIS: its own facilities - Solid Surface


AUTIS Ingenieros is an engineering firm from Gandia in Valencia (Spain) that specialises in integrating automation systems. The company works in countries such as the USA, Argentina, Nicaragua, South Africa, Spain and more than eight other European countries. Their work is especially linked to industrial activities, with a special focus on production process monitoring, control and automation. The key sectors where AUTIS performs its process automation and monitoring tasks include renewables, manufacturing domestic appliances, the automotive industry and a broad range of processes linked to areas such as food and wastewater filtering.

Over a year ago, the CEO, José Bohigues, started the project to create their new facilities with the aim of offering employees a comfortable place to work in every day. Today, that dream has come true thanks to the hard work and dedication of the entire team, with César Pérez as project architect, Andrea Nothelfer as the interior design architect, Pablo Ibáñez as the master builder, Guillermo Peiró in charge of installations and Salva Prefasi taking care of decoration and interior design.

Inside the new 3000 m2 facilities, the team used the Solid Surface by Grupo PORCELANOSA, KRION®, transformed by the firm Fusteria Mira for various purposes: on the reception desk (6901 Black Metal), on the washbasins in the restrooms (1100 Snow White), for the tables at over 100 workstations (1100 Snow White), for chests of drawers (6905 Ash Grey), for the management desk (6901 Black Metal), on the bars in the leisure areas (1100 Snow White), for the meeting tables (1100 Snow White) and several other pieces of furniture and surfaces.

Images: Lope Matias