KRION® selected by Velvet Projects in their Ícaro project

KRION® selected by Velvet Projects in their Ícaro project - Solid Surface


Renovating an establishment that was already a point of reference for nightlife, known for its atmosphere in the city of Gaditana de Conil, in the south of Spain, was a difficult task that Velvet Projects was able to masterfully complete for the new Ícaro Night Club.

Jose Ramon Losada, owner of the studio, used the mythological story of Icarus as the basis for capturing the importance of light in the composition of the premises, evoking the sun as a connecting link between light and the movement of shadows and reflections.

We can find the solid surface from PORCELANOSA Group, KRION®, within the spacious 650m2 of the Ícaro nightclub, transformed into different bars with our Snow White 1100 colour, the quintessential choice for a high transit space, whose anti-bacterial properties, easy cleaning and regeneration make it the perfect material for the service sector.

Photographs: Francis Roso

KRION® transformed by: Domingo Gomez Anillo “Carpinteria la Viruta”