Krion, new FAMO associate company



The Business Training Centre auditorium of the Official Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Madrid was the venue for the annual Meeting of FAMO (Associate Manufacturers of Office Furniture–groups) on May 8th.

This year’s business meeting dealt with ‘The Transformation of Workspaces: a myth or the real thing’.

First of all, the introduction of Krion as a new associate was seen to, which made it possible for all the companies to get to know the activity and application possibilities of our materials in the sector.  

Secondly, the 2019 annual activity report was presented, where the 7% growth in the sector was highlighted in comparison to that of 2017. Furthermore, the importance of exportation was emphasised, which makes up 60% of the turnover for the associate companies.  

After the last tax year review, the new president of FAMO, Rubén Fernández from Grupo Forma5 was appointed.

The informative talks were given by Elvira Muños, the Director of Interior of AECOM Buildings & Places; Bárbara Recio, The WorkPlace Strategy Manager of SAVILLS AGUIRRE NEWMAN; Carlos González, the CEO of GLUEWORK and Hernando Gutiérrez, the Manager of IFMA Spain.

The aforementioned talks turned out to be an interesting reflection exercise in which everything was analysed: the past and the present of the sector, the latest news, the future and the expected changes. Among the findings set out, it is worth highlighting:

Moving from containers to content: Workspaces are not a passive agent in the work environment anymore, since they have become an essential means of achieving the objectives set out by companies. The workers’ welfare, along with flexibility, are taken into account, together with prices and aesthetics.

Customisation: Workplaces are not standardised general environments anymore, but customised places which meet specific needs.Standing shoulder to shoulder with the customer is crucial when it comes to knowing their requirements and preparing a space which is able to adapt to the future.  

The layout is also a factor that has been reinvented. The open spaces which have been so trendy in recent years may work in specific business models, whereas in others they might cause interruptions and low general productivity. In this regard, the presenters focused on the importance of adjusting each space to the type of work and objectives, regardless of the fads.

A new way of working: The new work model leaves out the rigidity of the offices and spaces aimed at specific objectives and moves on to versatile environments, which enable the worker to choose where to work in each moment. As well as that, meetings can be done by going for a stroll, and the rooms are adapted to be multidisciplinary.  

The companies which attended the event were: SteelCase, Actiu, Akaba, AndreuWorld, Maso-ffice, DileOffice, DynaMobel, EunGrup, Euroseating, Grupo Alvic, Forma 5, Hettich, Imobel, JG Group, JMM, Levira, MegaBlok, Mobel Linea, Ofifran, Ofita, Sedus and Universal Mobiliario. 

The role of Krion in the workspace design

The aesthetic, security and functional possibilities of KrionTM make the mineral compact the solution for design and quality requirements in workspaces.

  • Safety is one of the most important factors to bear in mind in the design of a workspace. Since it is full body, our solid surface does not break and, what is more, it provides an easy reparation in case of scratching.
    As well as that, it has easy-to-clean properties, since it is jointless and has zero porosity. These features improve the health and safety of the workers in the workspace, a point that directly affects work performance and general welfare alike.  

  • The KrionTM K·Life and the Keast technology can purify the air when coming into contact with sunlight, therefore resulting in a lasting benefit for the welfare of people and an environment with high health standards. 
  • The versatility of the material offers a huge number of creative possibilities to designers, interior designers and architects. The ingenuity of professionals to create modular furniture which can meet different demands, will have no limits thanks to the thermoforming of KrionTM.
  • The wide range of finishes by KrionTM, along with the new service of Ad Hoc colour design for large projects, allow for the work space design to be adapted to customer needs in as much detail as possible. Whether we are dealing with a requirement related to corporative identity or a design geared towards the psychology of colour and its direct influence on people, KrionTM will succeed in achieving aesthetic specifications which could not be done with other surfaces.