KRION® displayed prominently in the Carabela showroom by Gutiérrez Rodio Workshop

KRION® displayed prominently in the Carabela showroom by Gutiérrez Rodio Workshop - Solid Surface


The Carabela Showroom has been reinvented with the atmosphere created by the Gutiérrez Rodio Workshop studio in Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic. In an initiative promoting the art of interior design and architecture in the country, KRION® has taken on a particular prominence.

#Mispotcarabela is the space offering renowned interior designers and architects the opportunity to create a corner to materialise their ideas, using products commercialised by the firm. For the fifth edition of this event, Danilo Rodio and Jorge Luís Gutiérrez of the Gutiérrez Rodio Workshop studio have designed an abstract atmosphere created completely with KRION®, exhibiting some of its fantastic properties, such as connection with imperceptible joins.

The multicoloured space, named Figuras Únicas Geométricas (Unique Geometric Figures), seeks to convey a message of awareness and care for the environment, its creation having been possible thanks to the huge palette of tones in which KRION® is offered; the colours used on this occasion were 6702 Atlantic Blue, 6301 Fruit, 6601 Fall Green, 6508 Cotto (the four colours of the COLORS+ series) and 4601 Green Light (from the LIGHT series).

In the words of Gutiérrez and Rodio, “it was wonderful to participate as it is very easy to work here at Carabela with the materials available. It was also a great opportunity, as being an advertisement aimed at a large, varied audience, it allowed us to be a little more creative, and create something more artistic”.