KRION® and 3G Office dazzle Madrid at Vodafone Puerta del Sol

KRION® and 3G Office dazzle Madrid at Vodafone Puerta del Sol - Solid Surface


Since its origins in the fifteenth century, the Puerta del Sol in Madrid has undergone many changes, in fact the only thing that has not changed is its altitude, 635 metres above sea level. To date, everything else about this square has remained alive and in constant evolution, becoming an essential stop for all those tourists visiting the city of Madrid.

The Puerta del Sol is surrounded by 14 emblematic buildings, and the telecommunications company Vodafone opened its Madrid flagship store at number 13, one of the most iconic buildings.

Vodafone Groupis an innovative company at the forefront of the telecommunications industry, extending its avant-garde values to all aspects of the brand, meticulously and comprehensively perfecting everything related to the trademark; a clear example are its stores located all over the world, and this is where Grupo PORCELANOSA comes into the picture, and the KRION® Solid Surface.

An establishment located in the Puerta del Sol in Madrid is the best test for heavy-traffic material, and over time, we are able to guarantee that KRION® has lived up to the expectations focused on 3G Office architects and Vodafone, both for horizontal and vertical facing on walls and furniture.

Some of the store furnishings use KRION® and we must highlight the spectacular KRION® bas-relief walls designed by 3G Office, which Vodafone lights up using home automation programming, creating a series of scenarios where the corporate logo lights up, and even a setting that interacts with the famous chimes announcing the New Year.