First exhibition made entirely of KRION® by Quico Torres


Expo Ibiza Quico Torres - KRION®

From the 14th June until the 10th July you will be able to view the first exhibition of all the exhibited works made with the compact mineral by PORCELANOSA GroupKRION®. The artist, Quico Torres has made KRION® a work of out in the Es Polvorí space, in Ibiza. The Balearic foundation was in charge of managing this multicultural space located in the middle of this heritage site, in the bastion of Santa Lucia, Ibiza.

The best way to explain this exhibition is visiting it. I must say that I support the comments of the dancer Igor Yebra on the Porcelanosa blog as it perfectly defines the character which Quico Torres presents with this space; “It’s difficult for a dancer to dance well and few artists can make a sculpture do the same...Congratulations for achieving it”. 

Expo Ibiza Quico Torres - KRION® Expo Ibiza Quico Torres - KRION®