Enrique Barrera includes KRION in the dream of Chef Emil Samper, CRUDITO Restaurant

Enrique Barrera includes KRION in the dream of Chef Emil Samper, CRUDITO Restaurant - Solid Surface


Located in the La Latina neighbourhood of Madrid, Spain, Crudito is a meeting place for restless palates wishing to sample flavours from around the world, with boundless cuisine created by Emil Samper (MasterChef2) and his team. The concept of Crudito arose from Emil’s passion for discovering new flavours, research, and contact with the world and its gastronomy. The very name of the restaurant, Crudito, is a declaration of its intentions.

One of the main priorities of the Crudito philosophy is the maximum integrity, which we can certify if we examine the meticulousness with which the bar has been created with the solid surface from PORCELANOSA Group, KRION. The KRION transforming company Muebles Maderama was in charge of creating the countertop, found at the heart of the Crudito restaurant, in the White Dragon room. There is a black table (created with KRION® 6901 Black Metal) where we find a low relief filled with a weathered gold material in the form of a geometric pattern, changing from the abstract and taking on the appearance of the scales of fish, transforming into ginkgo biloba leaves, and finally fading into the air like dandelions.

The designer of Crudito, Enrique Barrera, founder of the In Design We Trust studio, spoke about Emil as if he were a wizard with words and images, and especially with cuisine. With regard to his design for Crudito, he told us, “his restaurant should also be a magical place. The house of a wizard, a laboratory, where the atmosphere announces and contributes to the sensory experience of his cuisine”. This has been achieved with the help of Emil, surpassing all expectations.