Krion™: The hygienic and aesthetic solution for restaurants and gastronomic businesses



Restaurants, cafes and businesses related to food require extra hygiene in all aspects which guarantee safety for people. Food handling must have tools, materials and techniques which prevent a build-up of bacteria and germs, thus guaranteeing food in good condition for the people who are going to be eating it.

Design is another important factor in a restaurant, since it must convey a personality beyond its dishes. In addition, durability and resistance are important characteristics for maintaining a good appearance following the rhythm of daily work and the influx of visitors.

The KrionTM features make the material the aesthetic and functional solution for contract refurbishment projects. A safe option which provides high added value to the business in different aspects:

  1. Hygienic surface

As we have already mentioned, the premises of the catering sector need to have surfaces and materials which guarantee safety for people. A clean and hygienic atmosphere will be an essential feature in this type of business.

And, how can KrionTM help restaurant and food business hygiene?

a. Bacteriostatic surface: Its zero porosity makes this characteristic possible without needing to use bactericides in its composition, thus guaranteeing an aseptic and germ-free surface, which also prevents the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms.

b. Ease of cleaning: KrionTM has a high ease of cleaning, with no hard-to-reach areas  where dirt could build-up due to the absence of joints and pores alike.




  1. Highly durable surfaces

Restaurants and food businesses need strong and durable materials for two main reasons: high client traffic and the physical demands of daily work.

Therefore, Krion works on Solid Surface properties to offer surfaces that will be long-lasting which in the end, become a solid investment:

a. Easy repair: KrionTM is full through-body, so if the surface is scratched, it can easily be repaired without its look being compromised. Any type of food or material can be removed entirely from the surface.

b. Anti-chipping: Its chipping resistance helps to keep the corners of the surface intact despite use, handling or bending.

c. Fire resistance: KrionTM has, according to empirical studies, greater resistance to fire than technological quartz, marble, methacrylate and wood. A property backed by the Euro Class B-s1-d0 certification in which a conventional solid surface gets a lower level: C-s1-d0.

  1. Aesthetic Surfaces

A restaurant must have an image which reinforces the personality shown in its dishes. The 5 senses are important for the diner, so every detail is taken into account for the interior design of the place.

The intrinsic properties of KrionTM which make it easier the creative abilities of the owner, designer, interior designer and architect are:

a. Thermocurving property: The ability of moulding and creating unique custom-made shapes, and without joints, makes KrionTM the ideal material for building a space which has character.

b. Backlight property: KrionTM can be backlit. This results in unique design effects, and furthermore, it can be used for signage and labelling.

c. A wide range of colours + customisation: KrionTM has a wide range of colours to create spaces for a specific purpose. Besides, the Krion AdHoc service allows exclusive 100% custom-made colours to be created for large projects, fully adapted to the people's needs.

  1. Professional Advice

From the first contact with the fabricator, designer, interior designer or architect with KrionTM; our team is at the professional’s side in the project. Therefore, our partners can get to know all the capabilities of the Solid Surface, getting the most out of their projects, and improving the expectations of their clients at the same time.

1. Affinity Program: Everything you need to start working with KrionTM

2. Associate fabricator: Support and professional advice service

3. A&D: Advice service for architects, interior designers and designers at a technical and economic level.