The advantages of being a Krion Associate Fabricator


One of Krion's characteristics is its close proximity to the professionals who work with the solid Surface. The latter are accompanied and go through training on their approach to the brand, generating bonds of trust and support. As well as that, Krion  listens to, and sorts out their problems.

From the need to create a link with the professionals that rely on Krion and who have signed up for the Affinity program, Krion Associate Fabricator was created. This is another step forward in our eagerness to care for and accompany the professionals who bank on our material the most.

This approach looks for the professional experience of working with KrionTM to be pleasant at all levels, with an efficient flow of communication which helps to achieve objectives and sort out problem in an agile and satisfactory manner. Therefore, Krion Associate Fabricator is based on four basic pillars:


1. ASSURANCE: peace of mind knowing that each project is being carried out by professionals who guarantee quality results.

2. PROTECTION: Being a Krion Associate Fabricator offers a 10 year limited warranty on the material.

3. TRUST: Having the support of a brand name which provides clients with confidence and experts with solidity.

4. COOPERATION: Creating synergies among collaborators and enhancing work with the professionals who know Krion the best.


How does Krion Associate Fabricator work?

The program created by Krion, and developed jointly with Marsh & McLennan, a leading international company in risk analysis, brings together industry professionals and accredits them as official KrionTM  fabricators. This certification provides them with prestige and consolidation for their businesses by promoting links which generate collaborations, which sees mutual trust enhanced even more.



Decalogue by Krion Associate Fabricator

1. Use of the brand name and promotional tools

As an associate, you can use the Krion Porcelanosa Group brand name as support and as an assurance which installs confidence in clients and customers. Also. you have advertising elements to get better visibility and presence.

2. Greater warranty support

Supporting one of our 4 pillars, based on protection, 10 years of limited warranty is granted to the material in work done by our Associate.

3. International identification and verification of online status

Recognition and global accreditation at company level as an authorized Krion fabricator. The status of those adhering to the project can be verified on our official website.

4. Support from our network of representatives

Support and direct contact with our Krion team of representatives to receive the backup, which is needed at any time, in addition to an exclusive distribution channel.

5. Free technical advice on each project

Direct communication with the technical department regarding any needs, doubts or unexpected events at an architectural and technical level.

6. Visits to Krion’s main factory

We provide Krion's facilities and showrooms for our associates’ advancement.

7. Ongoing training

Here at Krion, we evolve constantly. For this reason, we give access to a specialised and technical training offer for our associated fabricators.

8. Recommendation in the execution of projects and their dissemination.

We put clients with major projects through the associated professionals community, in such a way that we encourage synergies and access to large projects.

9. Benefits and bonuses

Krion Associate Fabricator rewards the loyalty of its members with exclusive benefits of various kinds.

10. Access to the BIM library

On our website, those associated with the program have access to the BIM catalogue. Value-added information which makes the preparation and implementation of the projects easier at a technical and design level.

Krion Associate Fabricator is positioned as the best partner and support for fabricators who bank on Krion in their projects. A program with which we accompany professionals in driving their businesses forward. A road which we would like to travel down together.