Massimo Mussapi and Krion break the limits of design in Hotel Revolution at Host Milano



From October 18-22, the HOST MILANO fair, the International Hospitality and Professional Restoration Exhibition takes place. This event brings together professionals from the sector to showcase and discover the latest innovations in tools, services, products and technologies related to professional restoration.

Krion: the key piece in Hotel Revolution in FUTURBAR

HOTEL REVOLUTION is a key part of this event. A Host initiative in the Futurbar area, promoted by the COMUFFICIO National Association, managed by DA.RI srl and designed by the design and architecture company, Massimo Mussapi. A 300m2 space allocated for the table, furniture and technology products sector.

Krion joins Hotel Revolution headed by Massimo Mussapi, looking for new ways to explore design, offering innovative results in a sector where there is still so much to discover. Krion provides versatility to the designs in order to give 100% freedom to the creativity of the designer, as well as a differentiating aesthetic and durability which perfectly fit with the project and its purpose.

The latest innovations are also showcased in a new way: showing individually the solutions designed by the Massimo Mussapi Studio. Aesthetic, functional and sustainable solutions which together with Eddi Meneguzzi 3MC, result in products which improve people’s experience in hotels and public areas alike.

Hotel Revolution Manifesto

In the project, Massimo Mussapi wanted to reflect the values ​​which are essential for him and those that are also are in line with Krion's DNA:

1. Luxury: understood as experience. Create atmospheres which improve the quality of life that people dedicate to themselves.

2. Quality / price ratio: find the balance between quality and profitability.

3. Share: as a free act which enriches the spirit. Share experiences, knowledge and advantages.

4. Relax: as a mental, psychic and sensory state which is influenced by the atmosphere.

5. Comfort: a solution to a common need in each traveller. Accessibility and usability to any possible barrier.

6. Synergy with the territory: Total connection goes beyond the time of sleeping in a hotel or eating in a restaurant. Both places are a meeting point between the traveller and the territory, from where the values ​​of the place can be promoted.

7. Empathy: connecting with the clients, meeting their needs and always providing extra value.

8. Sustainability: the use of Krion K·Life reflects the philosophy of sustainability and respect for the environment by Krion PORCELANOSA Grupo in the project.

Krion is presented at the fair as the main partner of Massimo Mussapi, offering interior designers and architects valuable solutions for their clients' needs. The features of KrionTM for restaurants make it an ideal material in atmospheres where design, functionality, sustainability and hygiene are especially relevant.

The latest innovations from Krion Porcelanosa bathroom, as well as new surfaces like Coverlux™, make Krion a company which dilutes the limits of creation, offering endless possibilities in every contract project. A safe bet which, in the creative hands of Massimo Mussapi and the support from 3MC, results in being a unique space.