Krion™ Solid Surface: the safe, hygienic surface for sanitary use


Medical centres, surgeries and hospitals are areas where it is imperative to maintain strict safety and hygiene standards.

In the health sector, besides washing hands and cleaning surfaces and rooms, it is essential to choose materials that are effective in maintaining health and hygiene. Their composition and characteristics and the design of the spaces in which they are used must help to prevent the proliferation of bacteria, fungi and pathogenic agents.

The properties of the mineral compound Krion™ make it suitable for sanitary environments. The composition of this new-generation solid surface, made up of two-thirds natural minerals (ATH: Alumina Trihydrate) and a low proportion of highly resistant resin, gives it some unique characteristics: it is non-porous, bacteriostatic, durable, easy to clean and repair, and requires little maintenance. 

Benefits of using Krion™ Solid Surface in health centres

There are multiple advantages to using Krion™ Solid Surface in the design of health centres, as it is not only hygienic and safe but also environmentally friendly. The most notable properties of this material are:

1. Bacteriostatic surface: As it is not porous there is no need to use bactericidal compounds in its composition. It thus guarantees an aseptic surface which is free of germs and prevents the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms. Given its sterile characteristics, Krion® is suitable for direct contact with food and medical equipment.

2. Resistance to chemical agents: Krion™ resists the aggression of chemical products used for cleaning and disinfection, protecting the surface against abrasion or changes in texture.

3. There are no joins: Krion™ allows continuous surfaces to be created without joins by means of a smooth, imperceptible seal between sections of the material, and the use of curved shapes, which can be adapted to the requirements of any space by thermoforming and moulding. These features can create sanitary environments without recesses or corners, thus preventing the accumulation of dirt, facilitating cleaning and disinfection and contributing to simpler, reduced maintenance.  

4. Durability and resistance:
 Krion™'s physical characteristics ensure that it can withstand knocks and the edges cannot be chipped. The uniform consistency of the product means that it can be easily repaired without altering its appearance or properties.  

5. Fireproof material: The mineral composition of Krion® ensures that it is highly fire-resistant and will prevent the spread of fire, as indicated by its Euro Class B-s1-d0 certification.

6. For healthcare projects Krion™ can supply a range of sinks and washbasins with no overflow, which minimise the accumulation of dirt and bacteria, making disinfection easier.

7. Safe and sustainable:  Krion™ is a 100% recyclable, environmentally-friendly material, as confirmed by certification schemes that include NSFGreenguardA +BPA FreeHPD and Declare. 

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