Video: KRION® BATH with the ARO spirit and the essence of estudi{H}ac


When Jose Manuel Ferrero, creative director of estudi{H}ac, presented the ARO Project to us, he conveyed the roots of the creative process and inspiration from the tea ceremonies as a starting point for a series of designs which are amazing for their aesthetic, showing us a collection which creates elegant and different atmospheres. As the project developed and engaged us, the Japanese influence on the ARO concept and the serenity which it conveys to us evokes an image which combines Kimonos, tea and millenary culture. All of this is perfectly captured in this video.

We would like to take advantage of the occasion to remind you that the ARO Series from KRION® BATH by estudi{H}ac is nominated in the International EDIDA Awards from ELLE Decor magazine, after being the most voted for nominee in the “Bathroom Category” of the Spanish edition.