Statuario Bianco by Coverlux™: designs brimming with elegance and luminosity

Statuario Bianco by Coverlux™


Inspired by one of the most stunning types of marble, Statuario Bianco by Coverlux™ is synonymous with purity and luminosity. The material offers a vast array of creative possibilities for architects, interior designers and designers who are looking for maximum quality and beauty in equal measures, whether for use in the home or for tiles and furnishings in hotels, catering and retail.

This exceptional piece features a standout white colour with grey veins, and the pieces can be put together using the bookmatching technique - the veined solid surface is cut into slabs which can then be arranged to achieve a reflective effect on adjacent surfaces, creating a stunning symmetrical image like the wings of a butterfly.

Furthermore, the high gloss surface coating creates a radiant glazed look, transforming rooms into elegant, exclusive spaces.

Among the many benefits of Coverlux™, its hygienic and bacteriostatic properties really stand out: being a non-porous material, it prevents the spread of bacteria. Further benefits include its durability and resistance against wear and tear over time, as well as scuffs and scratches. Not to mention the way it can be installed with no visible joints, lending a sense of continuity to the design.

Without a doubt, Statuario Bianco by Coverlux™ epitomises the beauty of genuine white marble.