High quality sounds with Kroma speakers made with Krion™



In just two years, the speaker manufacturer, Kroma, has managed to position itself as an international leader in the speaker market.

The careful selection of the best materials in the manufacturing chain and the premium design have resulted in the products having both high quality and a flawless sound resolution.

So, what is the secret that is making this small company grow so fast in Andalusia? Undoubtedly, having materials capable of meeting client demands both technically and aesthetically, which offer the best sound performance, as well as being viable in its manufacturing process.

Kroma has chosen KrionTM to manufacture the speaker cabinets because of the high acoustic insulation capacity of the material. Built entirely with our mineral compact, the speakers play the sounds with high fidelity and realism. The colour chosen for the manufacturing of the Kroma speakers is white, which offers an elegant aesthetic according to the quality of the product. The combinations with wood and the logo of the company printed in relief on the surface end up defining a design thought up in order to be at the forefront of the acoustic sector.

The high malleability of KrionTM offers ergonomic designs, which allows the very latest in technology to be combined with artisan techniques manufactured by renowned Spanish guitar luthiers.

The result is a clean sound which is full of naturalness. The easy repair of the solid surface ensures that the speakers retain their unpolished aesthetic for much longer, something which is highly valued by clients.

Sound insulation property from KrionTM

The intrinsic characteristics of KrionTM make it a capable material for contributing positively to acoustic insulation. Unlike wood (the material commonly used to make acoustic boxes), the density and the different thicknesses; the null porosity and the possibility of completely eliminating the joints offer the best options on the market to isolate noise, and to offer optimum acoustic levels in closed places.

Taking into account that the sound intensity is measured by logarithmic magnitudes, KrionTM is able to isolate up to 33,5dB. This property makes this mineral compact a perfect option for the manufacturing of products like acoustic boxes, and furthermore, as an indoor wall tile in theatres, auditoriums and in areas which place demands on certain sound requirements.

The endless aesthetic possibilities in both finishes and shapes is the icing on the cake that makes KrionTM the material which offers the most added value in a technical market where quality and design are key aspects.