Krion® solid surface: a hygienic and safe material for the hotel sector



The compact mineral KRION® is the ideal solid surface for hotel construction thanks to its antibacterial properties and its additive-free composition.

Now more than ever, the cleaning and maintenance of the areas we inhabit, both at home and in different hotel areas, is essential. And, with KRION®, we can prevent bacteria and fungi from settling on the different surfaces, as it is a material without joins and zero pores.

In addition, the malleability of Krion® allows you to play with its shapes, offering different design possibilities, such as backlighting, machined and thermocurved finishes, among other possibilities.

KRION® solid surface is undoubtedly the perfect material for any hotel establishments that wants to have top quality resistant and safe materials, creating spaces with the utmost distinction and comfort for guests, from the façade itself to the hotel lobby, as well as the fittings used in the bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms.

Krion® applications in the hotel sector

Façades with sun-resistant design

porcelanosa lyon façade

Porcelanosa Lyon Façade

When staying in a hotel, there are many aspects that we take into account to feel comfortable in it. This includes the outer appearance of the accommodation, hence the importance of its façade. 

In this regard, Krion's solid surface is the best option for hotel façades. Its high resistance to UV rays and extreme weather conditions, its durability and colour stability, as well as the thermocurving capacity of its join-free pieces, allow for the creation of special design façades full of distinction and exclusivity, unique to the buildings that wear them.

Receptions to fall in love with at first sight

reception krion fitwall shadow white sand

Krion Fitwall® Shadow White Sand

Because the first impression is the one that counts, KRION® offers a wide range of possibilities for the design of receptions, from counters and wall tiles to auxiliary furniture.

Its wide variety of colours, easy cleaning and durability, as well as the backlit and thermocurved finishes, make it possible to create welcoming and pleasant environments, awakening in guests the sense of well-being and comfort.

High-footfall common areas

Alluslate® Grey

Krion®'s design in hotel common areas knows no bounds: from wall tiles, furniture and even the lift cladding, providing a continuation of the aesthetics of the rest of the areas in the building.

We must not forget that the common areas of hotels are used by a high number of people on a daily basis. This is why the Krion® solid surface is perfect, as it is a high quality material with no visible joins and a wide variety of colours, which can create a wide range of interior design possibilities.

Conference rooms perfect for any event

krion ash nature

Krion Ash Nature

The thermocurved finish of Krion® and the join-free union between pieces, together with its easy cleaning properties, allows for the creation of spacious spaces with great luminosity, perfect for any kind of event, whether public or private.

Recreation areas to enjoy

The wide variety of colours, the availability of thermocurved finishes and the possibility of creating exclusive pieces makes Krion® the ideal material for fitting and personalising hotel recreation areas. With backlighting, bars and wall tiles, among other elements you might imagine it is possible to make with Krion®.

Fitness areas

krion granite nature

Krion Granite Nature

Hotel fitness areas are very busy places that require resistant, broad and easy-to-clean materials, guaranteeing hygiene and comfort for users at all times.

Unique and relaxing cafés and restaurants

krion lux coffee cream

Krion® Lux Coffee Cream

Cafés and restaurants are busy places that customers visit for leisure or work reasons, but always in search of moments of relaxation. Krion® is the ideal material for these places, thanks to its zero porosity, the possibility of creating join-free installations and its easy cleaning properties, making it possible to create modern, unique and relaxing environments for the customer.

The wide variety of colours and finishes make KRION® suitable for constructing wall cladding and for the creation of incredible, futuristic-design bars or any other type of furniture you might want. All of this with a cutting-edge material that will allow you to create any design you have in mind.

In addition, Krion® holds the NSF-51 Food Zone food certificate (direct contact with food), it has also been declared Bisphenol A-free, and it holds the GREENGUARD GOLD certificate for air quality, meaning it meets all the necessary health and safety conditions to make it a success.

Safe and hygienic kitchens

From small kitchen tops to large professional kitchens that stand out for their spaciousness and exclusive design, anything is possible with KRION® PORCELANOSA Solid Surface.

The Food Zone NSF-51 food certificate, which refers to direct contact between the material and food, means KRION® meets all the necessary health and safety conditions.

Its characteristics include its resistance, easy cleaning, the creation of pieces without joins and with hygienic curves, thus facilitating daily maintenance. Without a doubt, the ideal solid surface for your kitchen.

Designer rooms without compromising on comfort

revestement asteroid white

Asteroid White Revestement

Comfort and design are two of the basic principles in planning hotel rooms. Conveying warmth, modernity and hygiene is possible thanks to the properties and characteristics of KRION®: wide range of colours, the possibility of creating installations without joins, thermal insulation, zero volatile compound emissions (certified by GREENGUARD GOLD) and the absence of hazardous chemicals (REACH).

In short, with KRION® solid surface, you can create adapted and exclusive spaces, from the walls to the furniture, upholding the aesthetics and guaranteeing the users' comfort at all times.

Unique and functional bathrooms

krion bath

The bathroom is one of the most exclusive and sophisticated rooms for hotel guests, where hygiene and cleanliness are essential. Thanks to the qualities of Krion®, you can create functional, unique and exclusive bathrooms aimed at the well-being of the user, through spacious shower areas, furniture and custom-made counters, in which design, sustainability and easy cleaning are guaranteed.