KRION K-LIFE arrives in Chile to improve people’s quality of life

KRION K-LIFE Solid Surface arrives in Chile to improve people’s quality of life


Without being alarmist, but with PORCELANOSA Group’s commitment to contribute to improving the situation, using as a reference, Santiago de Chile has an annual average of 29 µg/m3 of PM2.5x particles, 2.9 times the level considered safe by the WHO, and in the whole country, 2,822 people die each year due to illnesses related with air pollution.

AtKRION we know that there is still time to make a change, and therefore, since the creation of our material, our R&D team has reformulated the new generation solid surface, obtaining the innovative KEAST technology (KRION ECO-ACTIVE SOLID TECHNOLOGY), providing the material with new properties which differentiate it from everything known until now in the world of solid surface. In addition to the properties of KRION, there are four new characteristics provided by (KEAST): air purification, antibacterial effect, elimination of chemical products and easy cleaning.

This and much more was presented in the PORCELANOSA installations in Santiago de Chile on the 12th of April, the event being attended by professionals from all construction sectors. To give thanks for the attendance, after the presentation, a splendid cocktail party was enjoyed.