KRION in the vision of Moma Architecture at Thierry Bamas patisserie (Biarritz – France)

KRION  Solid Surface in the vision of Moma Architecture at Thierry Bamas patisserie (Biarritz – France)


Thierry Bamas Pâtisserier Chocolatier, Biarritz (France), is one of the three establishments of renowned French pastry chef Thierry Bamas. His passion for patisserie, flavours and his own tastes are manifested in his pastries, ranging from the most original to the most classic. MoMa architecture et design (Lyon), has been able to reflect this in its design using the solid surface from PORCELANOSA Group, KRION, in its COLORS+ Series 6301 FRUIT variation.

For the renovation of the premises, MoMa architecture designed a space where trapezoidal volumes elevate pastries to the level of jewellery, in an establishment where Swiss company Jeka AG (with over 60 years of experience in refrigeration systems for restaurants) has transformed KRION based on the criteria of the architecture studio.       

For KRION, it was very appealing to use the 6301 FRUIT colour in this project. The COLORS+ Series is characterised by its discreet elegance and timeless sophistication, bringing great personality to spaces, encompassing these aspects at Thierry Bamas Pâtisserier Chocolatier.

6301 FRUIT retains all properties of the material, as with all KRION colours, each with its own characteristics. However, it is in ultraviolet resistance that it has the best score – the highest on the market – obtaining a colour modification of less than 5AE in 10 years, the same score as our most versatile colour, KRION 1100 Snow White.