KRION® “Fire Resistance” Video Trials


Today we begin a new section within “Krion® News”, in which we will present the Krion® trial videos. These videos were recorded in the laboratory of our facilities. We do not just wish to present the properties of Krion®; in this case we want to compare it with other materials on the market that can be used in different sectors in which Krion®, the compact mineral from PORCELANOSA Group, can be shared. In no case do we wish to underestimate other materials, but instead position Krion® in its corresponding place.

“Fire Resistance” – In this video we compare Krion®, with a conventional solid surface, Technological Quartz, marble, methacrylate and wood. As can be seen in the video, Krion® is less damaged by the flame of the blowtorch, and the only, along with the conventional solid surface, which allows us to regenerate the material; with the exception that our Krion® obtains European Class B-s1-d0 certification and a conventional solid surface obtains a lower level of C-s1-d0.