KRION at Sojo Spa Club, where the iconic skyline of Manhattan allows relaxation

KRION at Sojo Spa Club, where the iconic skyline of Manhattan allows relaxation - Solid Surface


Sojo Spa Club is located in Edgewater, New Jersey, on the banks of the River Hudson, a few minutes from the bustling city of New York; a place to escape the city without leaving it. The feeling of relaxation in the air is due to the architecture studio in charge of the project, Virgona & Virgona Architects, which along with designer Eunmi Hwang, perfectly combined the fine materials of PORCELANOSA Group with latest generation materials such as KRION Solid Surface. This combination, along with its extraordinary and practical design, make Sojo Spa Club the ideal place to heal one’s body and mind.

Within the 70,000m2 of Sojo Spa Club, all kinds of treatments are found, as well as several swimming pools, notably the infinity pool which blends into the Hudson River and the Manhattan skyline. The facilities have a hotel, restaurants and all treatments and activities of a luxury spa.

Several firms of the PORCELANOSA Group have participated in this spectacular project: L’Antic Colonial, Noken, Urbatek, Butech, Systempool and Porcelanosa. We can find KRION in a multitude of spaces, transformed into elements as diverse as shower dividers, stools, benches, washbasins with embedded and semi-embedded basins, desks, buffet tables, tables, shelves, bars, commercial units and doorjambs, etc.; and outdoors, into decorations, coverings, signage totems and countertops, etc. In this project, KRION PORCELANOSA Solid Surface can distinguish itself in countless applications.