KRIONĀ® 6201 Imperial Yellow, ideal for the corporate identity of HOLAVISION

KRIONĀ® 6202 Imperial Yellow, ideal for the corporate identity of HOLAVISION - Solid Surface


HOLAVISION San Cugat is the first opticians in a series of establishments that will open in Catalonia in the coming year. This first facility in San Cugat has the most cutting edge optical technology on the market for detecting vision problems. In particular, the touch screens in the establishment that help us to find the glasses we need must be highlighted.

In charge of designing this eye-catching opticians was b2interiors, founded in 2009, with headquarters in Barcelona and an exhibition in Cornellá de Llobregat, creating designs for both individuals and businesses, with strict monitoring of work, allowing tangible results to be achieved in record time, with guarantees of fulfilling requirements.

Not all KRION® colours have the same qualities, and while 1100 Snow White, our most popular colour, combines the greatest values of all properties, the colour chosen by HOLAVISION and b2interiors, 6201 Imperial Yellow, is one of the colours recommended for countertops. For a commercial premises where high transit requires a durable, easy to clean material which can be regenerated, it is perfect, allowing us to maintain it as it was on its first day.

KRION® transforming company: Mármoles Sant Esteve, S.L.