KEAST technology, an advance in health and safety


At Krion we're doing everything we can to overcome these times of adversity, offering effective, sustainable and hygienic materials that help keep everyone safe and keep health at optimum levels.

This is what's made us take a huge step forward in the solid surface world. We've developed our patented KEAST, Krion® Eco Active Solid Technology, bringing photocatalysis to Krion® materials in a new active surface, Krion® K Life, that still maintains all the properties and qualities of the surface.

Photocatalysis is a natural process. When light is absorbed by specific mineral compounds such as titanium oxide and comes into contact with moisture and humidity in the environment, molecules are created that bind to polluting particles, converting them into new molecules that aren't harmful to human beings.

Drawing from this natural purification process, KEAST technology gives Krion® K·Life the capacity to naturally reduce environmental pollution - thanks to its high composition of activating minerals, it helps to eliminate toxic compounds from the environment.

Krion® K·Life also has bacteriological properties that act against microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi, removing them from its surface. This means surfaces and environments are kept more hygienic, making spaces safer and protecting our health and environment from polluting agents.

These characteristics are intrinsic to the material itself, meaning no chemicals need to be added: the benefits go far deeper than the surface.

Krion® K·Life is non-porous, so it's easy to clean and maintain, is free of joints, and is stain resistant. It's also resistant to heavy cleaning with chemical agents - something that's particularly relevant right now. Thanks to it being a full-body material, it's simple to repair. And its properties remain intact over time: this is a durable and innovative material that can improve your quality of life.

Krion® K·Life is a sustainable and safe material, free from harmful compounds as endorsed by its NSF, Greenguard, A+, BPA Free, HPD and Declare certificates. This KrionÒ material is environmentally-friendly and 100% recyclable, offering numerous benefits to the spaces it's installed in.

Krion® K·Life, because every gesture matters; because every change counts. Welcome to the small change revolution.