Modern bathrooms with Krion Shell® shower trays


The trend for bathrooms with shower trays is booming. Why? Because interior designers and homeowners alike are realising the wealth of advantages they offer over the traditional bath setup

But as well as working out precisely which elements to include in your bathroom and the advantages of each, you need to think about elements such as manufacturing materials and upcoming trends in bathroom design.

Advantages of shower trays in modern bathrooms

Aside from the trend for installing shower trays in modern bathrooms, what are the everyday advantages of having a shower tray?

  • They improve accessibility: this is the main advantage of a shower tray, especially for people with reduced mobility. 
  • Continuity and more space in the bathroom. They're actually the best choice you can make in a bathroom with limited space. 
  • Showers are a lot more practical than the relaxing bubble baths we all dream about - but never have time for. 
  • You'll save water and gas/electricity when you shower rather than filling a bath. 
  • Showers are much easier to clean. You can get into every bit of it, whereas cleaning a large bath can often be tricky.

Why choose Krion Shell® shower trays?

As we said from the start, as well as thinking about whether to incorporate a bath or shower tray into your bathroom design, you also need to think carefully about the manufacturing materials you go for.

Krion Shell® is a material that offers you the most potential for customisation on the market. It's almost completely non-porous, making it ideal for preventing the spread of the kind of microorganisms we fight against every day to keep our bathrooms hygienic. 

And it's easy to clean. This is a resistant and hard-wearing material, and any imperfections that could arise are easy to clean.

There's also huge potential in terms of colour and texture. And they're all non-slip, which is an important aspect to consider for a shower tray. Krion Shell® contains a minimum of 5% plastic waste in its total composition, contributing to more sustainable, more environmentally-friendly production.

Here are the latest shower tray modern bathroom trends

Let's take a look at the standout trends in bathroom design right now. 

Extra large shower trays for improved comfort

Going for a large shower tray in your bathroom is the perfect choice - for anyone who has the space. Larger models give you a more comfortable shower experience, and can even be used by two people at once.

shower tray sline

Bathroom with shower tray Line Krion Shell®

This is true of the Line shower tray made in Krion Shell®. Line comes with different customisation options, so you could go for extra low profile options in dimensions of up to 210 x 100 cm.

Shower trays, a space-saving option

Opting for a compact, ultra-low profile shower tray is ideal if you want to increase the sense of space in your bathroom.

shower tray flow

Flow Rock shower tray Krion Shell®

The slim design of the Flow shower tray allows for visual continuity between your bathroom flooring and the shower tray. In turn, this visual continuity makes the room feel more spacious. 

Trend: modern bathrooms with black shower trays

Modern bathrooms with black shower trays are set to be one of the big hits this year. This is an aesthetic that breaks with the norm, creating bold, seriously unique bathrooms.

shower tray slope

Shower tray Krion® Slope Black

The Slope shower tray is available in two textures and in five different shades - including black - and comes with a stainless steel trim to conceal the drainage and give it a stylish look.

The perfect complement: floor-to-ceiling shower screens 

Our post on modern bathroom shower tray trends wouldn't be complete without mentioning floor-to-ceiling shower screens made in tempered glass. Whether you go for a fixed solution, folding screen or a fixed one with a door, floor-to-ceiling shower screens are making waves in modern bathrooms.

shower screen optima

Óptima shower screen Krion Shell®

Our Óptima shower screen is a fine example, available in 8 or 10 mm thick, with different glass finishes and the SystemGlass easy cleaning treatment, which repels water and limescale to keep your shower cleaner for longer. 

Without a doubt, what modern bathrooms need is a shower tray that hit all the right spots: beautiful, modern, and manufactured in a material like Krion Shell®.