The award is KRION® !!!


El premio es KRION® ¡¡¡ Since the creation of the compact mineral from PORCELANOSA Group, its applications and the sector in which they are used have been a starting point for us, which our professionals have been entrusted with expanding, implementing KRION® in objects which have exceeded our best expectations. Today we want to present our new generation solid surface as an award/trophy. On a multitude of occasions, KRION® has been selected as the material for creating these desired objects. Being related to the illusion, commitment and recognition of work well done make us feel that we are on the right track. As examples, we want to present the awards created by: Quico Torres, for the L´Alfas del Pi International Webseries Festival; Estudio Muher,  for the EFE agency, operating in America for 75 years, awarded in Miami; and of course, finally, the PORCELANOSA Architecture and Interior Design Awards.