Sustainability and responsible transport are key at Krion PORCELANOSA Group


Sustainability awareness runs through all aspects of the product life cycle at Krion Porcelanosa Group, following an overhaul of the tasks carried out by the company's quality and logistics departments.

Environmental awareness.

Krion Porcelanosa Group has set itself a new objective of finding and developing a more efficient, sustainable and environmentally responsible logistics system for its Krion™ LUX material, aiming to raise environmental awareness and promote the benefits of sustainable transport.


Krion opts for responsible, sustainable and efficient transport.

Krion™ Lux is manufactured in sheets of varying dimensions, and is transported on wooden pallets in 20 and 40-foot containers. Thanks to a new way of packing the sheets on pallets, the brainchild of the Krion PORCELANOSA Group quality and logistics department, they have succeeded in increasing the number of sheets being transported and maximised the space in each container, achieving up to 167% more sheets per pallet in certain formats. This has led to a reduction in environmental impact and carbon footprint for each sheet of up to 40%. This brings the benefit of responsible and sustainable transport, making Krion™ LUX a more environmentally-friendly material.


Sustainable packaging

Krion PORCELANOSA Group's mission is to find solutions to use its own recycled and renewable materials for packaging and use them more efficiently, ensuring the use of materials is always responsible - whether virgin, recycled or renewable. All the cardboard used in its packaging comes from sustainable sources, as proven by the PEFC logo print. What's more, with the new transport arrangements the brand has achieved a 14.3% reduction in the weight of cardboard used to protect Krion™ LUX.

And it doesn't stop at cardboard: wood consumption has been reduced by 25% thanks to their ability to pack more sheets per pallet. Because it has a long lifespan this is a very effective raw material is effective for responsible transport, as each pallet is reused until it can no longer perform its function properly - and when that happens, it's easy to recycle.


Innovation, sustainability and environmental responsibility.

With these improvements to responsible transport and more efficient packaging, Krion PORCELANOSA Group aims to have a positive effect on the fight against uncontrolled consumption of natural resources. After all, a sustainable mindset, a responsibility to protect the environment and a drive for innovation are part of its DNA.


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