Unique sculptures created with Krion™ by Quico Torres



Sometimes, the creativity of a designer, a sculptor or an architect depends on the logistical and physical possibilities which they are required to deal with. Aspects such as available space or time or the qualities of the materials used, all directly influence both the creation process and its final result.

Therefore, materials capable of offering greater creative freedom become the best teammate for professionals. The Valencian sculptor, Quico Torres, appreciates the importance of having versatile materials which do not limit the design of unique pieces.

In Quico Torres' portfolio, there is no shortage of pieces made with wood, stone, concrete and iron. But among these fetish materials one stands out above all the rest due to its versatility, namely: KrionTM.

For the sculptor, the possibilities of KrionTM’s malleability have been a valuable tool which helps him to explore the unknown, always finding new creative and professional possibilities. This KrionTM property, together with its easy repairability and the aesthetic durability of the material make KrionTMthe ideal raw material for designers and architects.


 Design awards with KrionTM

The awards designed with the solid surface are already a distinguishing mark for Quico. This manages to give unique and special shapes to each award. To create each piece, client identity is as important as the artistic inspiration of the sculptor.  It is very enriching to be able to create something with material which does not set any limits.

The result of the work by Quico Torres are pieces with dynamic curves which are full of life. As the sculptor says himself: "I want my work to be a part of people's lives". The objective is to keep on discovering something new every single day, starting an adventure with each unexplored territory. Krion is, and will be, his partner.