Krion™ Porcelanosa Baths news: white has been added to the ONE and SMART bathroom furniture

Krion™ Porcelanosa Baths


Krion presents its new 20/21 catalogue of Krion™ Porcelanosa Baths countertops and units. 

This time, white is incorporated as the predominant colour in the ONE and SMART bathroom furniture, thereby adapting to the needs of customers and creating functional rooms, with modern lines replete with elegance and light.

It should be noted that both series are compatible with the Kole bathroom countertops. 

One Series

It offers large storage capacity for the user, with a sophisticated soft-close system. The new white colour brings light to spaces and facilitates the integration with the other bathroom accessories.

Available in the following dimensions: 40x20 cm, 40x40 cm, 61x50cm, 80x50 cm, 100x50 cm, 110x50 cm, 120x50 cm, 150x50 cm.

Smart Series

For its part, the SMART series follows the same trend, including white alongside other colours like Beige and Deep Blue. A bathroom unit with a soft-close system that lends a touch of comfort to the home.

Available in the following dimensions: 61x50 cm, 80x50 cm, 110x50 cm, 150x50 cm.

Don't miss the new 20/21 catalogue from Krion™ Porcelanosa Baths here.