Krion™, semi-finished products for bathrooms and kitchens



Krion™ stands for durability and functionality, and is the ideal solid surface in interior design, for both bathrooms and kitchens, whether in hotels, restaurants, or in the home.

Krion™ offers a wide range of semi-finished products such as washbasins, shower trays, bathtubs, and sinks, combining hygiene and safety perfectly. These semi-finished products blend perfectly with Krion™ solid surface without visible joins, and, if Krion™ Snow White is used, the colour is the same and the transition from one material to another does not show.

Its wide variety of formats, sizes and finishes, together with the properties of Krion™ compact material, allow you to create unique spaces with personality, adapting them to different tastes and needs.

Series and applications for bathrooms and kitchens

Unique Series

If there is one thing that characterises the Unique Series, it is its adaptability and practicality, with numerous options for installing it, creating infinite spaces to the user's taste.

Among its applications are bathroom washbasins, oval shaped with a polished finish. Available in three different positions: recessed, semi-recessed and countertop.

Unique Series countertop washbasin in Krion™ Snow White.

Moreover, with the shower trays in the Unique Series, you will give your bathroom the exclusive touch it needs. Available in different sizes and formats, the sections can be installed without noticeable joins.

Bathroom with Unique Series shower tray.

The Unique series is completed by the elegance of its bathtubs, creating spaces for relaxation and well-being. 

Unique bath plinths can be made larger by the addition of sections without joins, and the baths can be installed in different positions such as recessed, drop front or freestanding.

Unique series bathtub with drop front in Krion™ Snow White.

Basic Series

Basic washbasins combine oval and square shapes, as well as different sizes and finishes. Ideal for small spaces or spaces used by those with reduced mobility.

Square recessed washbasin in the Basic Series.

The Basic sink range offers various possibilities for use in domestic kitchens, laboratories and laundry rooms. Sinks in laundry rooms may include an insert as an accessory to reduce the depth of the sink and they are highly resistant to chemical agents, such as detergents and other cleaning products.

Utility sink in the Basic series for laundry rooms with a clothes washing insert. 

Basic bathtubs are available in square or oval format and different sizes. A real pleasure for the senses.

3 Way Series

The 3 Way series is versatile and practical, allowing the user to create elegant modern bathrooms.

3 Way Series washbasins are available in different shapes: oval, square or round. Moreover, they can be installed on the bathtubs own countertop, recessed or semi-recessed. Innovation and design are undoubtedly the main features of this series.

Krion 3 Way square washbasin.

The 3 Way Series bathtub with its squarish shape and rounded edges is strong and easy to clean.

Slant Series

The Slant washbasin reaches a new standard in attractively finished recessed models, suitable for use in domestic and public bathrooms, its rectangular shape giving the space more character. It is available in different sizes.

Recessed Slant washbasin.

Slide Series

Slide is a series of recessed washbasins manufactured in Krion™ Snow White for installation under a countertop. Available in oval and square format, this washbasin is ideal for use in domestic bathrooms or public facilities.

Recessed Slide washbasin in Krion™ Snow White.


Linking Series

The Linking series is the perfect solution for kitchen sinks if you need to combine stainless steel with KRION™. The collection consists of four formats with which you can adapt the design of any kitchen, customising it to the full, with your own choice of colour, including particles from the Krion™ Colors series.

Customised recessed stainless steel sink in Krion's Linking Series.


Style Series

The Style sink line in stainless steel stands out for its great formal beauty. Its straight lines and compact design create a minimalist effect and make cleaning easy. Available in five formats.

Stainless steel recessed sink in the Krion Style series.


Contract Series

With their soft curves, the new kitchen sinks in the Contract Series are ideal for use in hospitality and catering as they are very easy to clean. Available in four formats, they are generously sized and can withstand the knocks and scratches that are so common in these settings. Available in matte stainless steel.


 Recessed sink with curved outline in the Krion Contract series.

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