Krion K · Life: creating a healthy environment in Futura’s points of sale in Mexico

Krion Futura


The current rhythm of life, industrial activities and the use of harmful materials in means of transport negatively influence the biological balance of the environment in which we live. Increasingly, pollution and contamination raise the health alarm in many cities. Mexico is a clear example of a contaminated city whose pollution has recently led the government to activating the Environmental Crisis Plan.

The transport stations, especially bus stations, are one of the black spots in terms of pollution. These spaces contain high concentrations of NOX from the combustion of motor vehicles. These high levels are harmful to both the environment and to people’s health.

Futura, a transport company from Mexico, has wanted to contribute to improving air quality for its points of sale. To achieve this, Futura has refurbished some of its stands with Krion® Lux K-LIFE 1100 thus contributing to the improvement of air quality in these environments. An essential quality in spaces in the transport sector.

Future points of sale: The project

The new Futura ticket points of sale in Mexico have used Krion® Lux K-LIFE 1100 of 3680x760x12mm. The material contributes to the improvement of air quality as it is ranked highest in GREENGUARD's certification program for indoor air quality and identifies low-emission materials, finishes and products for indoor environments. In 2005, the institute developed a new standard and product certification for daycare, kindergarten, and healthcare facilities. That is an extension of the GREENGUARD certification program for indoor air quality. Known as the GREENGUARD Gold certification, it was developed by evaluating the chemical sensitivity of children, along with the characteristics of the school building. This certificate presents the most rigorous product emission criteria to date for low-emission materials.

Its thermocurving property has allowed the WorkShop fabricator to give dynamic shapes to the station, mixing the Krion® Lux K·LIFE 1100 pure white with the corporate pink from the company. The lights, strategically placed, enhance the feeling of movement of the stand.

The ease of cleaning presented by KrionTM, provided by its almost zero porosity and imperceptible joints, contribute to making both the maintenance and the hygiene of the space more efficient. One more step in the search for user wellness.

The result is a cutting-edge design space created with a functional and healthy material. A small, but very important step to improve the people’s quality of life.