Coverlux™ Agatart, from the shine of geodes to sophisticated elegance


Krion is renovating its Coverlux™ sheet collection with the new Agatart finish, combining the sheen of geodes and agate to bring harmony and a distinctive character to the most sophisticated environments.

This exclusive surface is available in 2440 x 1220 cm format with a high gloss finish, and is ideal for use as interior wall cladding, in both commercial and hotel settings, bringing harmony and elegance to the premises with its ornamental design and whitish light.

Various colours are available, including Agatart Amber, Agatart Beige and Agatart Ocean, all of which can be backlit.

Agatart Amber


Agatart Beige

Agatart Ocean

Coverlux™ is a mineral-based material containing acrylic polyester resins and pigments. The top layer is a nanotech coating that not only provides a high gloss finish but also has bacteriostatic properties that make it exceptionally hygienic.

Find out more about the new Coverlux finishes in the Krion 20/21 catalogue.