The KRION™ solid surface obtains the DECLARE-LBC Compliant certification which rates material as being safe for people and the environment alike.



The endless search by KRIONTM to improve the environment that people live in has led the Quality and Environmental Department to work daily towards getting materials which improve the atmosphere people live in and the environment, as much as possible.

Counting on the most advanced techniques and high quality standards, the KRIONTM team is constantly working in order to go one step further, searching for the improvements which make the KRIONTM mineral compact the safest option on the market, without losing any of the resistance and versatility, which are just some of the properties which are very highly rated by our business partners. 


As a result of this work, we have obtained the DECLARE-LBC (Living Building Challenge) Compliantcertification from the International Living Future Institute (ILFI). This institute, which searches for a reconciliation of humanity and nature,  bestows this certification to enhance the creation of sustainable and environmentally friendly buildings. It is in the assessment where the performance standard of the buildings are measured in the regenerative design framework which, provides health benefits all around.  

The DECLARE-LBC Compliant certification ensures that the KRIONTM mineral surface does not have any chemical products whatsoever in its composition which may do harm to people’s health, as well as to the environment. This is how it is written in the “Declare Label”, a transparency level that confirms that no factors which are a part of the KRIONTM solid surface count on elements which belong to the Red List Building Materials. The red list has been created by ILFI to emphasise those products used in construction which may be dangerous for people’s health, as well as for the environment, according to the US (US EPA) and European (EUCE) government standards. 

By means of this certification, KRIONTM joins the DECLARE ILFI program. A transparency platform with a product database which is having the materials market changed for the sake of sustainability and respect for people’s health. DECLARE aims to increase manufacturers’ transparency towards consumers by providing relevant information about the composition of the products. 

Because of having obtained the DECLARE-LBC Compliant certification, KRIONTM reaffirms its commitment to safety, ensuring transparency in its use in all types of projects. Firm and secure steps which help us improve both the environment and people’s lives.