Backlit Krion™ — when light is the star

Baklit-Krion-solid surface


Backlighting is a technical quality that allows light to shine outwards from the inside of a solid surface. This effect works to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the colour and thickness of the piece.

Krion™ allows you to create backlit environments thanks to the various translucent options. By combining models of different thicknesses and adding coloured lights, you can achieve a wide variety of lighting effects, such as an illuminated logo on a counter using your company’s colour.

This is undoubtedly a highly sought-after technical characteristic for architects and interior designers alike, as it can be used in a multitude of applications to create surprising spaces where colour, light and depth take centre stage.

Backlit colours and their applications

Krion™ has a variety of backlit finishes and colours, such as the LIGHT SERIES collection, developed exclusively for use as backlighting in any of its five colours. This extremely bright collection is ideal for designing a multitude of illuminated decorative elements, both on straight and curved surfaces.

Another featured collection is the OPALE series by Krion™, born from the union between movement and light. Its four colours in white, green, blue and grey reflect beautiful streaks of light that simulate the gentle swell of water. Its backlighting power enables you to work with different compositions, where light passes through the textured surface to create new lines that were once imperceptible to the eye.

The LUXURY SERIES brings us closer to the beauty of nature and backlighting through its NACRE and IVORY BEIGE colours, inspired by natural stone. Its modern and refined finishes will provide a touch of distinction and radiance to your worktops, whether in the kitchen or bathroom.

Within the NATURE series, we are highlighting the colour WHITE NATURE for its backlighting capacity. Its white colour, natural appearance and high degree of recycled Krion™ make it perfect for use as a backlit panel, in kitchen and bathroom worktops or even in backlit bar counters.

There are other colours that are ideal for backlighting, such as WHITE STAR from the Krion™ STAR series, which, together with its metallic reflective details, is perfect for designer settings with spectacular visual nuances and for use as a backlit display. The colour CRYSTAL WHITE from the ROYAL series stands out for its elegance and luminosity, as well as its natural stone appearance. Finally, SNOW WHITE EAST from the SNOW series, composed of mineral filler and high-quality acrylic resins, is adaptable to any designer project, offering a warm ambient light in bath or kitchen worktops or even in interior tiles.

How backlit colours behave

From a more technical point of view, when creating a low-relief surface with a thickness of 4 mm, the solid surface allows light to pass through, generating different designs that are projected through the chosen colour.

Translucency increases as the thickness decreases; this is the same for all colours that generate this effect. Obviously, the colours with the greatest capacity for initial backlighting are much sharper, and, when you decrease the thickness, they allow much more light to pass through.

Litofania in Krion Snow White, the lighter areas have reduced thicknesses.

By reducing the thickness of a piece, a colour can be used for backlighting. This means that colours that could not be backlit in their standard thickness of 12 mm, can now be used in this fashion if their thickness is reduced. This allows designers to work with light effects and incorporate backlit signage and logos, among other uses.

In short, the use of backlit colours is the ideal solution in any decorative design — whether in furniture, kitchen or bathroom worktops or even in panels or indoor and outdoor tiles — creating pleasant and eye-catching spaces where lighting takes centre stage.